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Category: Picolit DOC Collio

Grapes: 100% picolit
Vineyard name: Ronchi San Giovanni
Soils: Sandstone-marl
Orientation: Northeast-southwest
Elevation: 80 metres
Training system: Guyot

Production in bottles: 1,100 500ml bottles

After drying naturally for 30 days in special rooms, the clusters are pressed and the must ferments in small oak casks until it reaches approx. 14° alcohol. It then matures a further year.

Sensory profile:
Ronco Cucco is a rare and precious wine since the selection of grapes for its production is extremely severe. It appears gold-yellow and boasts a multi-layered bouquet of apricots, dried figs, and acacia blossom, with a hint of citrus. It is sweet but not cloying, with aromas of honey and well-ripened fruit.

Serving suggestions:
With its long-lingering sensations, it makes a fine sipping wine (vino da meditazione), but it partners well with blue cheeses, fois gras, and petits fours. Best enjoyed at 10°C.

Technical data:
Alcohol: 14.3% – Total acidity: 5.8g/l