Distilleria Tenuta Villanova

A jewel that everyone recognises at Tenuta Villanova is the historic distillery, which in its long history has always produced a white grappa of unique excellence and fragrance: Val di Rose. 

Her Majesty Val di Rose

The name has never been so evocative of a product as it is for this extraordinary one. The grape distillate is obtained from the joint work of six discontinuous stills. The pomace comes exclusively from the farm’s own grapes: pure pomace directly from the fermentation tanks in the adjacent cellars. The pressing is always soft to preserve as much of the noble juices in the pomace as possible. The must is also and only obtained from grapes harvested in the farm’s vineyards. The still is of the discontinuous double-bath type, or with steam. The column has seven dishes, or a tiny one, with only two dishes.
Unique in Italy, the still was completely refurbished in 1996 with a precise and ambitious project to allow the execution of all the possible different distillation systems according to the schools of thought and tradition that have followed here for over 500 years of history.
Grappa Val di Rose has always been distilled at the same time as the harvest, and all operations are completed by the end of October, giving rise to the new historic vintage: unique in Friuli and Italy as well.

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