Villanova Collio

Vineyard embroiderers

The slopes of the Gorizia Collio are a succession of gentle reliefs ranging from a minimum height of 35 metres to a maximum of 50 to 60. These are hills chiselled by the hand of man so that the layout of the various vineyards and plots enjoy an ideal microclimate tempered by Alpine winds but also by breezes coming from the nearby Adriatic Sea.

Added to these climatic aspects is the geological component: the soil mixture is the Eocene marl composed of mineral-rich calcareous clays. This land is called “ponca” in the local language. It is its peculiar imprinting that gives our Collio DOC wines the elegance, aromatic richness, and special flavour that make them unique and unmistakable from the first taste. The white wines, in particular, are full and velvety, but always with great freshness.

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