When we chose to give Tenuta Villanova’s Top Wines a bespoke look, we pursued two objectives. The first was to link the preciousness of these wines to that of Collio wines “dressed” in the iconic chiselled “V”. The second, to express the most distinctive sense of these wines, the trait that unites what are now three different references. Three iconic wines, guardians of the preciousness of Tenuta Villanova.

Time does not make a discount: its value comes from what we do with it

The time of our Top Wines is not only the slow time of waiting, the time of the rhythm of the seasons, the time of rituals such as the grape harvest, uncorking the first bottle with someone we consider important, or reserving it for an important event. It is also the time of History with a capital “H”, that is, the centuries of the
life of Tenuta Villanova, of which these wines, and this one, in particular, are the high expression. But it is also the time of wine’s evolution: that of ageing, that of the long, slow sleep of collectors’ bottles. That is why we wanted to represent the precious mechanics of time on the labels. A series of gears working together. They are also a metaphor for the indispensable components that enable the realisation of important things: we speak of “timeless things”. They are passion, care, anticipation, competence, creativity, inspiration, dedication, obstinacy, humility. They work together to “move things along”. And even if time would stop by magic, those golden gears on the labels would say: “Inside these bottles wine is alive, maybe it sleeps and dreams, but it moves and works.” Because that is how things are inside the bottle of a reserve wine meant.

“Fraia”: the party

In “Fraia” (“Feast” in our dialect) the power of berries explodes thanks to the character of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso. It has the character of the peasants of these lands, the power of their voices and the depth of their gazes.

“1499”: the beginning of our time

“1499” is the Collio Bianco but it is the one that, even in its name, gives voice to this trait: the value of time. It expresses the character of the “Ponca” of Eocene origin, the marl that gives this white varietal unique elegance and minerals.

“Malvasia macerata”: gold in the mouth

“Malvasia macerata” is pure terroir: elegant, with great length and structure, a white to be aged, the evolution of the single grape variety over time. The grapes express themselves with the whole fruit, and thanks to the time spent on the skins, the wine offers constantly evolving aromas, owing to the long sleep in the bottle.
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